Nerd Nite for March 9, 2019

DC9 Nightclub

You get TWO NERD NITES in MARCH!! The first is March 9 at DC9 and the second is at the motherfuckin National Museum of Natural History on March 30! Lineup for the National Museum of Natural History event will be announced soon, but check out the amazing lineup at DC9 on March 9:

Public Health Law: Preventing the Zombie Apocalypse Since 1905,” by Elizabeth Houston

Summary: When people think of the legal field, they usually picture something from “Law and Order” or “Suits.” But there is a lot more to the law outside of criminal cases and courtroom drama. Exhibit A — public health law. You probably haven’t heard of it before, and that’s okay. Most lawyers aren’t even aware of what this is. But this area of law literally affects every single one of us. Join me for a fun conversation about what public health law is and why you should care about it.

Presenter Bio: Elizabeth is a Privacy Analyst at the Administration for Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services. She is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and moved to the DC area in 2017 after being selected as a Presidential Management Fellow. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Christian Brothers University, and Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health degrees from The University of Memphis. Elizabeth is passionate about public health, health equity, and bioethics. She currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband, Billy, and her cats, Quincy and Meredith.

“On Nipple Toothed Pachyderms: American degeneracy and the fossil record of elephants,” by Advait Jukar

Summary: What do fossils have to do with the spirit of America? Were the French right about a degenerate fauna in the west? What the heck are nipple teeth? I will be answering these questions and will take you on a journey through the fascinating fossil history of elephants and their kin.

Presenter Bio: Advait is a Deep Time Fellow at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and studied the structure of ancient ecosystems, megafaunal extinctions, and the evolution of elephants and horses. Before Advait studied fossils, he studied mildly toxic frogs on a mountain in Korea.

“Why Trains Need Creeps,” by Ben Titus, Principal Engineer

Summary: Find out what it take to move a train!

Presenter Bio: Ben Titus is a Mechanical Engineer by day, social justice warrior by night, and is trying to be mountaineer during the weekend.

Nerd Nite for February 9, 2019

DC9 Nightclub


It’s DC9’s 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY all weeeek loooooong! And we’re kicking it off with a celebration of DC nerdery like you wouldn’t believe. Check out this LINEUP:

“Spaced Out: The Consequences of Cosmic Radiation on the Brain,” by Alexandra Taraboletti

Summary: The intrigue of deep space travel comes with inherent risks, including exposure to the ionizing radiation fields in space. This talk will explore some of the known effects radiation has on the brain and delve into the countermeasures being taken to stop both the physical and potential psychologic problems facing future astronauts.

Presenter Bio: Alexandra is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgetown
University in the Tumor Biology T32 program. She currently researches radiation biomarkers using mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. Alexandra grew up near Cape Canaveral, FL and reveled in every bring your child to work day at NASA (AKA she is a space nerd).

“Lessons I Learned From Richard Butt,” by Blake Lindsey

Summary: Is the District of Columbia “North” or “South”? I will be answering that question by examining the misadventures of soldiers who manned the Civil War Defenses of Washington and the civilians who lived in DC. The question matters more than you might think….and yes we will talk about a guy named Richard Butt who lived on Georgia Avenue.

Presenter Bio: Blake lives in Adams Morgan, and considers DC “home.” He has many passions, among them bocce ball and Super Smash Brothers.

“Hamilton, but French,” by Dr. Taylor Winkleman

Summary: With a cast of characters including Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great, Gregory Potemkin, and John Paul Jones, Andre du Plessis is the coolest guy you’ve never heard of. He’s also possibly the first epidemiologist in the western world. Come see the drunk history version of Andre’s life—and maybe help act it out!

Presenter Bio: Dr. Taylor Winkleman is a veterinarian and global health security expert who moonlights as a writer and is developing a science-based podcast with her scientist friends. When she’s not doing any of those, you can find her baking macarons or doing flying trapeze and circus aerials.