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Just in time for Halloween we’ve got a bunch of talks to scare your inner (and outer) nerd.  Join us this October for a show that’s all about the weird, the unusual, and just plain scary.

Date: Saturday October 11th
Time: Doors 6:00PM, Show 6:30PM
Where: DC9, 1940 9th St NW


Laughing in Dark Places: The charmingly macabre world of Edward Gorey
by Lexi Hansen

LexiHansenIn a place that celebrates nerds, and in this, the most macabre of months, let’s explore the eerie Edward Gorey, illustrator, writer, and humanities nerd extraordinaire!  That’s right, not only scientists can be nerds; this geeky weirdo ended up in a rickety old house, surrounded by cats (and a Tony award) after amazing people for over 50 years with images and stories that amused, beguiled, charmed, and disturbed.  We’ll take a tour through his odd life, his alphabet books of childhood tragedies, and his impact on readers and writers in today’s wonderfully woeful world.

Bio:  Lexine Hansen is a social scientist whose day job is saving the world.  She spends her nights prowling the darkest of alleys for nerdy artists and creepy children’s books.


The 10 Weirdest Mammals
by Sara Nemati


Inside out teeth. Poison glands. Fleshy star noses. Pseudo penises. Everything you’ve wanted to know about the oddest members of Class Mammalia. Be prepared to be dazzled and amazed by the strange denizens of Planet Earth. See who takes the number one spot in the count down!

Bio: Sara is a high school biology and physical science teacher in Montgomery County, MD. She is also an avid reader of popular science books and Scientific American magazine and a frequent attendee of Nerd Nite. She tries to instill a love of science in her students every day, but tonight she mostly hopes to freak you out.


Zombies & Calculus: A Survival Guide
by Colin Adams

colinAdamsIf you are reading this, then you have managed to survive the zombie apocalypse…so far. Congratulations. But as the world sinks further into ruin, what additional strategies can you apply to endure the onslaught? Learn how calculus can help you  defeat the zombie hordes. The room will be certified safe for the duration of the talk.

Bio: Colin is a professor of mathematics at Williams College, which was particularly hard hit by the zombie apocalypse. He has written a bunch of books, including the comic book “Why Knot?”, the book of humorous math stories “Riot at the Calc Exam and other Mathematically Bent Stories”  and the novel “Zombies & Calculus”.  His research is in knot theory, which occasionally has been useful in zombie defense.

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