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November is here and so is the last ditch effort to go and explore before the snows and/or December 11 government shutdown sets in cabin fever. We will explore sea, land and behind locked bars in this Nerd Nite by taking the road really less traveled. The check in spot is DC9 before delving the very bottom of the ocean, getting sweaty and barky while exploring the world’s tropical forests and seeing the here and now of a very famous conquisidor fort. Your tour guides are detailed below and scuba suit, hiking boots, and goggles are not required (but you can wear them if you want to) for these on the edge-of-your-arm-chair explorations Nerd Nite: Be There and Be Square…

Date: Saturday November 14th, 2015 A.D.
Time: Doors 6:00PM, Show 6:30PM
Where: DC9, 1940 9th St NW

Peeling Back the Ocean’s Layers: Nothing But Rind
by David Trossman


Oceanographers are getting creative about how they observe the vast temperature-moderating yucky aqueous stuff, known as the ocean, that people on coasts dip themselves into periodically. The ocean is a frightening place, littered with plastics and trace chemicals, well traversed by bitey big animals like sharks and whales, with a bottom that remains more mysterious than Pluto’s surface, which holds lifeforms only Sundaymorning cartoons previously envisioned. Oceanographers have exploited the reaches of science to figure out ocean physics, have littered the orbit of our planet with satellites that peer into its surface, and yet still have had to wait for Hollywood movie directors to personally visit its bottom. And with all of this, what have we learned? Come on this tour of the ocean, where you can wet your mouth with beer, while keeping your feet dry.

Bio: David Trossman has worn many hats, including classic Revenge of the Nerds beanies, hard-core punk and metal bassist hats (under which was hair like 1990’s James Hetfield), passionate volunteer hats, and oceanographer hats (wetsuit hoods, not pirate hats, despite popular opinion). He can take up precious moments of your life reciting his very long job title and affiliation, but typically chooses to shorten it to “studies the ocean at NASA, not NOAA”. The answer to the first question most people ask is that studying the ocean without being there is as doable as studying outer space without being there. Also, computers don’t haze people like ship deck hands do.


The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Brazil: How the World is Stopping Deforestation
by Calen May-Tobin

11057791_10103762610111031_5600379830736519450_nWho speaks for the trees? A whole lot of surprising people. Saving the rain forests wasn’t just a grunge-era celebrity cause dujour or a great excuse to make FernGully. It’s increasingly big business as companies look to reduce deforestation associated with their products and as countries move to cut those darn heat-trapping emissions. From sophisticated satellite measurements to wonky international economic deals and on-the-ground support from people who call rain forests home, countries as far-ranging as Norway and Brazil are doing more than ever before to save the trees.

Bio: Calen May-Tobin has, in fact, hugged a tree — with a tape measure in his hands — because that how ecologists do. When he’s not restoring land or analyzing policy, he can be found scoring Craigslists deals on old military camping equipment and acting out on stage.


San Quentin State: Pricey Real Estate, Historical Fort, Dungeon and Oh Yeah a Prison
by Cat Aboudara

2818_82937095498_7341054_nDid you know SQ is the oldest prison in California? Or that an ambulance come through at midnight after an execution is administered? That behind its gates is the least visited museum, complete with confiscated shifts and tattoo guns? That when Metallica visited they could be heard playing a mile away? (They totally did that on purpose). Learn from a former tourist who spent a great deal of time with the locals. And of course, she will play Johnny Cash’s San Quentin because she heard a ton about that particular concert.

Bio: Cat Aboudara spent six years (give or take as she didn’t sleepover) in San Quentin State Prison working with violent offenders. The museum behind the gates and its curator inspired her to become a museum geek, which she’s been ever since she “got out.”

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