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The Earth! It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s home. Whether you love the view from the Moon, the ground at your feet or the vastness of the ocean, you know our home planet is suffering from some wear and tear. Pollution, losing species, climate change, it’s enough to make Captain Planet order another round after a hard day at work. So what can we do to focus on what’s working? How can we learn from the past and replicate cool projects happening now to turn that planetary frown upside-down? We’re partnering with the Smithsonian Institution’s Earth Optimism Summit, which is taking place later in April, to find out! Our speakers this month are experts in conservation and sustainability and they promise to leave you well-informed and, yes, hopeful about our future, because nerds can, and will, save the world.

Date: Saturday April 8th, 2017 A.D.

Time: Doors 6:00PM, Show 6:30PM
Where: DC9, 1940 9th St NW
Tickets: $10 at
This is a 21+ event.


The Biophilia Hypothesis: How what makes us animals, may very well be what saves our humanity.

Join Alexis for a crash course into the planet-people-profit nexus across human history. From the big bang launching star dust into the cosmos, to millennials taking selfies at the Capitol, learn how the emerging field of sustainability has shaped the human experience yesterday, today and optimistically tomorrow.

Alexis Goggans, is a self-described minimalist, counterculturalist, truth seeking, hippy from the Great State of Colorado. She studied environmental history at the University of Colorado at Boulder, before obtaining her M.S. in interdisciplinary sustainability studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. She currently works as a Program Analyst with the Department of Energy and Environment where she manages the District’s greenhouse gas inventory, green building reporting and supports the Smarter DC initiative. You can find her on Twitter @tmblingweed.




Being Optimistic About Conservation

Coyle in Guyana (1)Do you like clean air and water and not ruining nature and driving wildlife to extinction?  Who doesn’t, right?  We’re constantly being reminded of all the things we need to worry about when it comes to our environment but there’s also many reasons for optimism. We’ve had many success stories in conservation and sustainability, even in the most difficult places. Brian Coyle will talk to us about Earth Optimism and share one story about his efforts to save the iconic Red Siskin, a little red bird in Venezuela that is a beacon of hope in a place that needs it.  

Brian received his PhD locally, from UMD, studying the crazy mating habits of bowerbirds in Australia. Now he’s the coordinator for the Red Siskin Initiative at the Smithsonian Institution, which is working with partners in the most likely and unlikely places around the world to save this wonderful bird and the many other species that will benefit from protecting their habitats. This also involves lots of delicious and Bird Friendly chocolate and coffee, a wonderful perk of the job!

How Cactus in Colonial Australia May Have Resulted in You Drinking a Cup Full of Bugs and Why That’s Kind Of Okay

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In 1788, England made a decision about Australia that was ultimately not a very good one. That decision will, however, help craft a story about globalization, biological control, bugs, and the tumultuous, will they/won’t they relationship between Humans and Mother Nature. Also: puddling.

Ben Taylor recently moved to DC from Wisconsin, where he served as Boss of Nerd Nite Madison for 3 years. He has a degree in entomology, is currently working as the Youth Programs Assistant at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and has been stung in the face twice at one time.