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Nerd Nite DC August 13 2022: Muppets, Balloons, and Synths – What A Party!

NERDS! We’re back at DC9 on August 13th for another amazing, action-packed, awe-inspiring, adorable, and always amusing evening of aural and visual delights!

Here’s the show’s lineup:

Someone set us up the bomb, or, 99 luftbalons” by James Day
Unbeknownst to many, the United States mainland was the site of a coordinated aerial balloon bombing campaign in the last years of World War 2. We will talk about edible plant paste, the role of the US Geological Survey, the impact of the Esperanto language, 1,000 paper cranes, and maybe squeeze in a little info about the balloon bombs themselves.

I’d Rather Be Listening To Electronic Tonalities: How Nerds and Queer Folk Revolutionized the Synthesizer” by navi (they/he)
(Description coming soon!)

Aposemuppetism: The Adaptive Traits of Muppets in the Henson Ecosystem” by Kali Holder (she/her)
(Description coming soon!)

Get your tickets here:

WE’RE BACK (for real this time)!!!!


Well, it’s time to GET READY, GET SET, and mark your calendars because WE’RE BACK, BABY!

We’ll be back on stage at DC9 Nightclub on the 2nd sat of June (6/11)!!

Here’s what we’ll be (lovingly) cramming into your craniums:

“The Supermarket and the Superpowers: How Your Local Grocery Store’s Cold War History is Cooler than the Frozen Section” by Taylor Winkleman-Cagle

Cleanup on aisle 5: Nuclear weapons, the iron curtain, and…a Kroger? The US and its Cold War operations were all-encompassing, and including the invention of your local supermarket. Learn about the Farms Race, the Kitchen Debate, and the connections between the Cold War and your Great-Uncle Alvin’s Type II diabetes.

“Star Trek Tiddies: Sexualization Throughout the History of Trek” by Minxy

Star Trek is a well known – and for many, beloved – show that throughout the years has had many debates on its merits and downfalls. However, the creators love of (read: sexualization) of women and this effect on outfit design, alien design, and casting may be more surprising than you think.

“This Is Not A Place Of Honor: The Subtle Art of Creating a Warning That Lasts 10,000 Years” by Rae Pendergrass

Nuclear waste is gross and dangerous. It will be gross and dangerous for 10s of thousands of years, longer than many civilizations and languages survive. Which poses a problem: How do we keep future populations safe from our nuclear waste if we have no guarantee they’ll be able to read our warnings? From creating an ominous religious movement to color-changing cats to painfully catchy tunes, experts have brainstormed a lot of really weird solutions


Now that we’re back, it’s time to refresh our rolodex of talented nerds. Want to give a talk? Email us at !

Nerd Nite DC: The Return We’re Back!!

Dear, Sweet Nerds,

Oh how we have missed you over this past… however the heck long it’s been since our last live show. Too long. FAR too long. But wallow in your Nerd Nite-less woe no more:

WE’RE BACK, BAYBEE! Hot Nerd Summer is ON!! We’re so excited to see you again that we’re using ALL the exclamation points!!! 

You heard right! We’re gonna rock your socks off (hell, we’re probably gonna rock our OWN socks off) with our triumphant return to our beloved DC9 with a BANGING lineup of nerdy speakers on Saturday, September 11th at 6:30. Tickets are on sale NOW on Eventbrite – snag ‘em while they last!

And if you’ve got a bunch of pent-up nerdery that you’re DYING to get out, why not give it a go on the Nerd Nite stage? We’re always looking for new presenters… no degrees required, all you need is an interest you can talk about for ~20 minutes! We’re particularly on the lookout for BIPOC speakers, since we want to make sure our stage is a reflection of our nerdy community. Drop us a line HERE on the Nerd Nite DC website, and let us know what you want to hoot n’ holler about!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about our COVID protocols, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We’re BEYOND hype to see you in September!!! 

-Team DC Nerd Nite