> nerdnite DC is born

nerdnite DC is born

nerdnite DC went so well, that we’re doing it all over again. Watch this space for updates!

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  • Hey nerds and nerdettes:

    I wanted to give you a heads up about a play that Maurice Martin is presenting at the Capital Fringe festival in July. It’s called “R.U.X. – Rockwell’s Universal seXbots.”

    “Businessman Louis Rockwell Jr. dreams of building the ultimate sex robot. His challenges include a sexually repressed software programmer, a prudish politician, and a hoard of malfunctioning robots that resemble his dying father.

    Fortunately, Louis has what every successful entrepreneur needs: A top-notch technical staff and a loose moral code.”

    I am handling the press and publicity. If your group would like to have the actors perform a scene or two at one of your upcoming functions, or maybe Maurice can give a short talk on his work and Karel Čapek’s play “R.U.R,” where the term robot was coined — let us know.

    Michael Merino
    cell: 202-215-5722