> Presenters for Nerd Nite Dec 5th are announced!

Presenters for Nerd Nite Dec 5th are announced!

Hurray! We have just updated our homepage with the names and titles of the next installation of Nerd Nite DC. What else would you possibly want to do on a Saturday evening rather than learn about bugs getting it on, Scrabble players duking it out for the title of freakiest Word Freak, and shrimp that are powerful enough to split an unsuspecting human’s thumb.

All this and a musical serenade by the Daycare Swindlers.

Saturday evenings cannot get any better than this (except for maybe the next Nerd Nite DC)

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  • Hi, a couple of weeks ago I submitted my idea for a talk entitled MY-Astronaut: Earth Stewardship=Your Ticket to Space. Vote for and fund the next generation of suborbital space heroes.

    I don’t recall having received a reply that you had received it and were or were not considering using it for a future month.

    The abstract I presented at the Next Gen Suborbital Researchers Conference is available at http://www.my-astronaut.org. I will also present a poster at the Intl Space Univ Conference in Feb in Strasbourg.

    I have been to Nerd Nite and know I can make this talk work for your style of presenting. Thanks for consideration of my talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Elizabeth F Wallace

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