Date: Saturday, May 18th
Time: Doors at 6, show at 6:30
Where: DC9 Nightclub

“You gotta rub me the right way: rectifying the pleasure gap one orgasm at a time” by Tiffany Atkinson
Description: Everyone deserves to have toe curling, mind shattering “what plane of existence did I just go to” sex, but vulva owners often get the shaft (and not in a good way). Let’s talk about the pleasure gap, why penis AND vulva owners are part of the problem, and how YOU can be part of the solution.
Bio: Tiffany (she/her) believes wholeheartedly in living life with childhood wonder. She is a self-proclaimed semi-professional chef who loves cheese, making peace signs, and dancing without a care in the world.

“Grass: An Ecological Nightmare, And How Mother Earth Needs Us To Make Better Choices” by Rachel Hager
Description: Grass lawns are the largest crop in the U.S.! But they serve no productive purpose other than to make us feel good. Come explore why grass is a terrible choice for your neighborhood and the planet. Let’s learn about how you can make small swaps that make a big difference.
Bio: Rachel (she/her) has a Masters in Ecology from Utah State University, where she also found her passion for science communication. She gets excited by new plants, good food, and outdoor adventures. Rachel is in the process of converting her bland lawn into a productive landscape filled with native plants, fruit trees, and a vegetable garden.

“That Time We Discovered The Proof for a Major Open Question in Mathematics in a 4chan Post About Anime from 2011” by Quill Nebeker
Description: Yes, 4chan. Really.
Bio: Quill Nebeker (she/her) used to produce strange theater things in DC like The Tarot Reading, The Internet: LIVE!! (with Rae Pendergrass) and SHRINES with The Arcanists. Now, she’s at NC State studying mathematics. This summer, she’s doing research in spectral graph theory with Dr. Fulton Gonzalez at Tufts. You can still see her once in a blue moon when she gets conscripted by the classically-minded reprobates of Shakespeare in the Pub. She may appear slightly different than you remember.