> Nerd Nite for June 8, 2019

Nerd Nite for June 8, 2019

DC9 Nightclub

We’re taking July and August off, so come check out your LAST CHANCE to hardcore Nerd Nite before summer break! And with a lineup this stone-cold fantastic, there’s no cooler place to park your brain than DC9 on June 8. Just check out these speakers:

“I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You: The Good and Evil of Personality Assessments” by Margarita Rozenfeld

Summary: From OKCupid to Cosmo to Myers Briggs, there are countless contenders for the most winning personality test, but who can actually help you know thyself (and others)? In this social science nerd talk we’ll investigate why personality tests are so popular, how valid they are, what’s the best way to use them for good vs. evil and dive into one assessment that can actually help you figure out how people tick (but only if you promise to use that information for good!)

Bio: Margarita Rozenfeld is an organization and leadership development consultant who is fascinated by what makes humans tick. She has made it into a career and helps all kinds of organizations, teams and leaders – from non-profit to corporate to government – do good in the world and well by their employees. When she’s not doing that, Margarita is likely on some awesome travel (mis)adventure in a remote part of the world (or telling a story about it.)

“Don’t Read the Comments: Edgar Allan Poe Spilling Tea and Throwing Shade in a Pre-Internet World” by Colleen Parker

Summary: If Edgar Allan Poe was alive today, he would be the Twitter Troll Diva Supreme. He wrote an extensive amount of essays and reviews for the various newspapers he either worked for or owned. His works included shade posts of his peers, spilling the tea on [alleged] plagiarism, negging female authors, and straight up trolling the literati of Boston. In this presentation, we will explore the best and the worst of Poe’s literary criticism, the historical context, and how strikingly similar some of Poe’s most scathing reviews are to the internet trolls of today.

Bio: Colleen Parker is a performance artist with Super Art Fight, a costume and prop maker for TBD Immersive, and she makes soap in her free time. Mostly she listens to audiobooks. All day, every day. Like it’s her job. Because it is her job. She is the Director of Quality Assurance with a contractor for the Library of Congress’s National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Her greatest achievement in her audiobook career was to say, in all seriousness, it’s leviOsa not levioSA.

“Elf Lobbyists, Harald Bluetooth and Stubby the Yule Lad: Contemporary and Ancient Folklore of Iceland” by Jules Coney Revere

Summary: What if the Silver Line woes could be solved by an elf whisperer? Would you give someone new clothes to prevent them from being stolen by a giant black cat? Using elf experts to smooth along construction projects and warding off the Christmas Cat are some of the folkloric traditions held by Iceland. Considering Icelanders lived in almost impossibly harsh conditions, under colonial rule, and next to a volcano that killed almost 6 million people and helped cause the French Revolution, maybe it’s not so weird. Come hear some of the tales of Icelandic Hidden Folk, trolls, and how to create a tilberi that’ll save you a fortune on milk and butter.

Bio: Jules has been nerding out on folklore and mythology roughly since she could read. Her fascination with Icelandic folklore began in 2012 as she prepared for her first visit and learned about the elves. She obtained her first MA at Concordia in Montreal where her thesis explored the use of dance and movement in organizational development and innovation. She is considering a second MA in Icelandic Studies (or simply moving to Iceland). She currently works at Republic Restoratives Distillery and East City Bookshop where she has probably tried to sell you a book set in Iceland.

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