When: 3/18 – Doors: 6, Show 6:30
Where: DC9 Nightclub
Tickets: $10 – bit.ly/maynerd

This month’s talks:

Intersubjectivity: Constructing Social Constructs by Pete Miller

You’ve heard that various impactful entities in our lives are “Social constructs.” How are they constructed and of what? The answer is intersubjectivity, lesser known cousin of objectivity and subjectivity. You use it and it affects you all the damn time. It’s worth knowing about.

Conspiracy Geodesy: The Rocky Road from Flat Earth to Plate Tectonics (and Back Again) by Chris Gee

How did we get from the likes of Rectangle Earth to our modern planetary paradigm? And how did Flat-Earth Theory make a 21st-century comeback? This talk will weave together planetary geology, science history, behavioral psychology, and a goldmine of godawful rock puns to explore some of the ingenious ways we’ve cracked the Earth’s deepest secrets – and why we believe what we do about the world we live in.

Unwanted, Unlistenable, and Unbothered: How democracy, science, & philosophy birthed the worst song ever (and why it slaps) by navi

What makes music unlistenable? And what happens if you engineer a song SO unlistenable, it loops back around to being listenable again (or at the least, a fascinating experiment in science). Join navi as he takes a deep dive into the wacky melodic choices that make up the 1997 experiment “The Most Unwanted Song”!