This Saturday we have DOUBLE THE NERD NITE!

Our regular show at DC9 Nightclub features one of science’s most polarizing battles: BIRDS VS FISH!!

Representing #teamfish is Nerd Nite DC’s own Tiffany Atkinson with her talk “Flyer than a Motherfisher: Why Fish are Fire and the Obvious Choice in the Birds vs Fishes Debate”

Making the case for the superiority of our feathered friends is Zach Slavin with his talk about how “Birds Are Real, and Really Cool”

And we’ll also have a talk from the fantastic Sereia Spinner all about the horrifying, horny, how-is-this-a-true-story-wtf tale of “Operation Midnight Climax: the CIA Mind Control Brothel”.


If you’re attending Awesome Con, swing by room 204 at 8pm for a special Nerd Nite Awesome Con show, featuring talks from three Nerd Nite all-stars:

Nerd Nite DC host Rae Pendergrass will be dissecting frogs with her talk on “A Bot, An Anthropologist, and A Comedy Researcher Walk Into A Bar: The Science of Comedy”

Ben Corbin will be returning with his now-infamous talk on “The Human Rocket: The Efficacy of Using Bodily Fluids to Propel Yourself in Space” (complete with, uh, original research).

And Dr. Pete Thompson will show us the wonders of the ocean with his talk on “Why is My Thumb Bleeding and My Mind Blown?: Stomatopods, AKA Thumbsplitting Shrimp”