Date: Saturday, Dec. 16th
Time: Doors at 6, show at 6:30
Where: DC9 Nightclub

‘Tis the season for a show that’s quirkier than a Christmas sweater with built-in jingle bells! Picture this: a wild ride through mangroves, the unsung heroes of the plant world, winning the ultimate badge of botanical honor. We’ll dive into the bizarre and mind-boggling realm of weird Garfield art, where even the lasagna gets a nerdy makeover. And what’s a holiday celebration without a good roast? Move over chestnuts; we’re roasting Tom Clancy’s novels for being more set in their ways than a grandparent at a family reunion.

“Ode to Joy: How Garfield (From Memory) Saved Me”by Kate Parnell
Talk Description: Kate will speak about how her decision to make one small drawing of Garfield from memory every day changed her life and gave her a completely new artistic direction. By taking an incremental approach, sidestepping judgments and celebrating things that are deeply loved, she has found a path through depression and loss, and built a practice of creativity and community. 
Bio: Kate Parnell is a 43 year old artist who attended the Cooper Union and got a masters of fine arts, and who now lives with her parents and paints Garfield every day. You can find her work on her Instagram, @garfieldfrommemory.

“Mangroves and why they should be your best friend too”by Perri Moeller
Talk Description: Perri will provide an illuminating and educational talk about what a mangrove is, spoiler alert its not a mango, the benefits of the ecosystem and why mangroves should become your best friend too.   
Bio: Perri Moeller is a returned peace corps volunteer who spent over 2 years living in the Philippines working on mangrove habitat management. Currently, Perri specializes in sustainability in the chemical space, but would love to corner you and talk your ear off about marine science facts.

Executive Dysfunction: A Queer Eye on Tom Clancy”by Sarah Clancy
Talk Description: We all know the stories of Jack Ryan but what if he was the real Clear and Present Danger to America?…
Bio: Evolved beyond her prior form, Sarah stands tall as an amateur comedian and a thorn in the side of conservatives everywhere though her allegiance can be bought with pizza…