Date: Saturday, July 20th
Time: Doors at 6, show at 6:30
Where: DC9 Nightclub

Get ready to dive into a world where glitter and geopolitical drama collide on stage, interstellar captains are secretly criminal masterminds of the cosmos, and a cryptic, fabulous maritime language sails back into the spotlight.

July Talks:

“Eurovision: United by Music, Glitter, Fire, and Geopolitical Machinations” by Kate Debelack
Talk Description: Sure, you know that ABBA came from Eurovision. But what the hell IS Eurovision? This Eurovision 101 talk covers the beginnings, the rules, and some of the most glorious, cheesy, and gloriously cheesy entries of the last 68 years.
Bio: Kate Debelack is a DC based theater artist and educator, and host of DC9’s annual Eurovision Watch Party. She loves a Eurovision competitor who knows who they are and commits to the bit.

“Captain Kirk: Intergalactic Wildlife Criminal” by Chris Parsons
Talk Description: The illegal trade of wildlife is one of the major issues in wildlife conservation. This talk highlights the case of one Captain James Tiberius Kirk, intertemporal whale smuggler.
Bio: Professor, scientist, podcaster, pirate, bunny-hugger, writer, sculptor, underwear model & dolphin savior. Slytherin. Smells like the sea with just a whiff of adventure.

“Polari: the lost secret sea language of the gays” by Caroline Carter
Talk Description: Did you know there was a secret gay language spoken until the mid 20th century at sea? There is a rich, hidden history of queer folks on ships from the age of sail on, and a legacy of LGBTQ+ sailors that lives in today.
Bio: Caroline is an actor, presenter, a sailor, and a semi-reluctant historian. With a degree in biology, you can now find her on Tall Ship Providence in Alexandria, VA in silly costumes teaching folks about history. She’s also a part of local sketch comedy group Grace and the Gang, so she’s putting that degree to good use.