Dear, Sweet Nerds,

Oh how we have missed you over this past… however the heck long it’s been since our last live show. Too long. FAR too long. But wallow in your Nerd Nite-less woe no more:

WE’RE BACK, BAYBEE! Hot Nerd Summer is ON!! We’re so excited to see you again that we’re using ALL the exclamation points!!! 

You heard right! We’re gonna rock your socks off (hell, we’re probably gonna rock our OWN socks off) with our triumphant return to our beloved DC9 with a BANGING lineup of nerdy speakers on Saturday, September 11th at 6:30. Tickets are on sale NOW on Eventbrite – snag ‘em while they last!

And if you’ve got a bunch of pent-up nerdery that you’re DYING to get out, why not give it a go on the Nerd Nite stage? We’re always looking for new presenters… no degrees required, all you need is an interest you can talk about for ~20 minutes! We’re particularly on the lookout for BIPOC speakers, since we want to make sure our stage is a reflection of our nerdy community. Drop us a line HERE on the Nerd Nite DC website, and let us know what you want to hoot n’ holler about!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about our COVID protocols, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We’re BEYOND hype to see you in September!!! 

-Team DC Nerd Nite